Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2/2/06 Playlist

Exhume - Cooper Lee, Sister Spit Album
Black Eye - Fabulous Disaster, I'm a Mess
Suck – Queen Adreena, The Butcher & the Butterfly
Extremely Cool – Chuck E. Weiss
Olympia – Sybil
New Toy – Nina Hagen
Liar – Bikini Kill
Hawiian Baby – The Spinanes
Rise Above – Tribe 8, Role Models for America
What Good Am I? – Spoon, Sympathy for the Record Industry
Punker Plus – Le Tigre, This Island
Twin Peaks Theme – Fantomas, Directors Cut
The Once Over Twice – X, Wild Gift
Beautiful Son – Hole
Lorna – 7 Year Bitch
Opp Bop She Bam – Kenny Clark, Beat Generation Box Set
Nudies form the Raod – Gravy Train
Pretty – Suture
Goodbye California – Jolie Holland
Bad Ass Bitch – Lunachicks, Luxury Problem
I Realized My Error on Harrison Street – This is my Fist
Sweet Baby – The Gossip
I’m Sucha – Katastrophe
Rock n Roll Yardsale – Wally Pleasant
Kerouac – Subincision
Free to Fight 7”
Cherry Bomb – Joan Jett
Some Other Time – X, Wild Gift
Hell on Wheels – Betty Blowtorch, Last Call


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