Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey Kids
How you doing? It's been almost a whole year since the last Unka Lynnee and Aunty Cindy show and gosh we've missed you. It's been KEE-RAZY over in our world though. Back in February of Ought Seven, the year that is soon to no longer be, Unka Lynnee ran off to Gay Paree and a grand year of globetrotting, touring, performing, taking over the world and ostensibly stocking up new material for shim's next book. Aunty Cindy meanwhile has mostly stayed put in San Francisco. She gots some poims published in There Journal, did a crapton of benefits, wrote a couple of stories that people put into ink (check out the books It's So You and Can I Sit With You) and kept on hosting the Queer Open Mic and curating shows for the National Queer Arts Festival.

While the future of the Unka Lynnee and Aunty Cindy Show cannot be seen - you can always relive the glory days by checking out the archived shows over at

You rock!
We miss you.
Aunty Cindy

Sunday, February 18, 2007

***** February 18, 2007 *****
with special guest: Frances Varian

Mister, Mister, Dresden Dolls
Takin' Out the Trash, Tribe 8
Sweet Baby, The Gossip
New Kicks, Le Tigre
After Yonker, Fran Varian
Everybody Knows, Concrete Blonde
Dance Me to the End of Love, Leonard Cohen
Wind it Up, Gwen Stefani
Fame Slave, Britney Spears / David Bowie Mash Up
Sunset Strip, Courtney Love
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
New Orleans Ain't Been the Same, Johnette Napolitano
Luxury Problem, LunaChicks
Cherry Bomb, The Runaways
I'll be the One, Lunachicks
Manipulate, Tribe 8
La Divina, Frances Varian
Trouble on My Mind, Loretta Lynn
Patience, Guns & Roses
I wanna be a slut, Pansy Division
A Great Big Way, Janet Klein and her Parlor Boys
Time Time Time, Tom Waits
This is my last poem for you, Fran Varian

I'm Gonna be a Slut, Pansy Division

Sunday, February 11, 2007

***** Feb. 11,2007 *****

Special Guest: Max Wolf Valerio

This Monkeys Gone to Heaven, The Pixies
**interview with Max Wolf Valerio**
**reading from Max Wolf Valerio**
Swimsuit Issue, Sonic Youth
Lust for Life, Iggy Pop
Go Down Swinging, The Knitters
**reading from Max Wolf Valerio**
Dreamtime Creeps, Floating Corpses
Bad Ass Bitch, Lunachicks
Don't Drink Poison, Le Tigre
Radar Love, Tribe 8
**reading from Max Wolf Valerio**
Vitamin C, BoySkout

Sunday, February 04, 2007

**** February 4, 2007 *****
Featuring special guest Annie Sprinkle

Lovely Day, Dresden Dolls
Two Sisters, Tom Waits
Goodbye California, Jolie Holland
On the Verge, Le Tigre
Poor Little Critter on the Road, The Knitters
Come a Long Way, Michelle Shocked
I'm Gonna Be a Slut, Pansy Division
Dead Men Don't Rape, 7 Year Bitch
***interview with Annie Sprinkle***
Militia, Cypher in the Snow
Allen's Mom, Tribe 8
Castration Squad, Submissives
Martha Stewart, Suzanne Westenhoefer
Punk Rock Girl, The Queers
Bulldagger Swagger, Phranc
I like yr mom, Bouncing Souls
Aileen Warnos, bitch
Hey Castrator, Amy Ray
Any Other Way, Jenna Riot featuring Cindy Wonderful

Sunday, January 28, 2007

***** January 28, 2007 *****

Amen - Jolie Holland
Liza & Louise - NO FX
Wraith Pinned to the Mist - Of Montreal
Little Ol Wine Drinker Me - Dean Martin
Wham Rap - Wham
Viz - Le Tigre
Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head - New Order / Kylie Minogue Mash Up
how many lovers can you fit in a lion's mouth? - Lauren Wheeler live performance
Breaking Points - Lauren Wheeler live performance
Interlude - Johnny Dangerous
Gitch Ya Man Too - Johnny Dangerous
Wonderful - Flaming Pussy
don't take rides from strangers - Lauren Wheeler live performance
O.G. Bitch - Esthero
My Autumn's Done Come - Tindersticks (Lee Hazlewood Cover)


Boys Boys Boys - LTNO
Mister Right - Mickey Avalon

Princess of the Queens (Lost Generations) - My Life with Thrill Kill Kult
Muscle Memory - Lauren Wheeler live performance
Burn Hollywood Burn - Public Enemy

Sunday, January 21, 2007

***** January 21, 2007 *****

Featuring: Meliza Banales

I'm Gonna Be A Slut, Pansy Division
Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head, Kylie Minoque / New Order Mashup
Showboat, Von Iva

Interview with Meliza Banales

Lullaby, Blatz
Homemade Speed, Blatz
Fucked Up Baby, DOA

Untitled Poem, Meliza Banales
Cultural Conversation with Meliza Banales

Daredevil Delivery, Tribe 8
Drop Dead, Lunachicks
Yer Mangled Heart, The Gossip

Do the Math, Meliza Banales
Japanimation, Dirtbox
Gone, Venus de Mars and All the Pretty Horses
Dick for Brains, MDC
Straight Edge, Minor Threat


Sunday, January 14, 2007

***** January 14, 2007 *****

My Alchoholic Friends, The Dresden Dolls
Just the Other Side of Nowhere, JOhnny Cash
Porland Oregon, Loretta Lynn

and tada - lost power
see you next week kids when our guest will be Meliza Banales!