Friday, January 27, 2006

go here to download the shows from Dec 22 - Last night, Jan 26th

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Jan 26th Show Specs
DJ's : Aunty Cindy Emch & Unka Kelly Lee
w/ Unka Lynnee Breedlove via telephone from Paris

Wanna Be Yr Sucker - Betty Blowtorch, Last Call
You're a Big Girl Now - Thalia Zudek
Cool Places - The Sparks
100 Games of Solitude - Concrete Blonde, Still in Hollywood
Super Spy - Save Ferris, It Means Everything
Phone Call From Work - Tara Jepsen & Michelle Tea, Sister Spit Album
I Don't Blame You - Cat Power
Beautiful Son - Hole, DGC Rarities
I Don't Wanna Grow Up - The Ramones
C30, C60, C90 - Bow Wow Wow
Jack & Neal / California Here I Come - Tom Waits, The Beat Generation Box Set
You Made Me Gay - Gravy Train
Halloween Parade - Lou Reed, New York
In Lust We Trust - 7 Year Bitch
Rock N Roll - Pizzicato Five
All Women Are bitches - Fifth Column
Viz - Le Tigre, This Island
America - Michelle Tea, Sister Spit
You're A Mess - Le Tigre, This Island
Jigsaw Youth - Bikini Kill
Social Love - The Gits
Credit in the Straight World - Hole, Bootleg
Runaway Not so Fun - Sin 34
Beers, Steers 7 Queers, Revolting Cocks
Speed for Nico - Subincision
Brown Soda - Hole
I'm a Mess - Fabulous Disaster

playlist for tonights and last weeks show coming soon
but hell - here are your glamourous h osts. more pics of the last showwith breedpal - pre paris coming soon tambien. rock out mutha fuckas!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

January 19, 2006

Show Specs:
DJ: Aunty Cindy


Wrong Bathroom - Tribe 8, Roadkill Cafe EP
Run More - Sini Anderson
Long Hard Snap - Wives, Ripped
Shut Up & Fuck - Betty Blowtorch, Last Call
Pretty Pretty - Fabulous Disaster, Pretty Killers
Blue Monday - New Order
Jump Monk - Charles Mingus, Weird Nightmare
Why Can't You Be Like Endicott - King Creole & the Coconuts
Cities in Dust - Siouxie & The Banshees
Funeral Crashing Tonight - Betty Blowtorch, Last Call
Give Me Back My Man - B-52s
Purple Heart - Henry Rollins, Weird Nightmare
Look of Love - ABC
Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club
Clusterfuck - Butt Trumpet, Primitive Enema
Ice Cream Man - Tribe 8
Bullshit Repellent - Retching Red
Teenage Metalhead - New Lou Reeds
Born in Xixax - Nina Hagen
What's Good - Lou Reed
Bad Cup of Coffee - She Mob, Not in my World
Wraith Pinned to the Mist - Of Montreal, Sunlandic Twins
White Pepper Ice Cream - Cibo Matto, Viva La Woman
Dirty Harry - Gorillaz, Demon Days
Whores Hustle, Hustlers Whore - PJ Harvey, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
Rock N Roll 85 - Betty Blowtorch, Last Call
Hate & Whisy - Nashville Pussy, Get Some
It's Common But We Don't Talk About It - Bratmobile, Ladies, Women & Girls
Take Me to the Backseat - The Donnas, Spend the Night
Bang Bang - Le Tigre
Get Up - Sleater Kinney, Hot Rock
Dead Leaves, Dirty Ground - White Stripes, White Blood Cells
Stagger Lee, Nick Cave, Murder Ballads

Friday, January 13, 2006


hey queerbots
here's what we played last night Jan 9th
Podcast coming soon
and in studio pictures too
how the hell did you even get so lucky?
remember tune in every thurs on from 6-8pm pacific time

and now: the songs
Wives - The Wives, Ripped
I wanna be on epitaph - Betty Blowtorch, Last Call
Track 4 - John Zorn, The Gift
Pull up to the Bumper - Grace Jones
French Bitch - Pussy Tourette
Whatever Lola Wants - Sarah Vaughn, Verve Remixed 2
Riding on the Metro - Berlin
Ne Me Quitte Pro - Marlene Dietrich
Small Town Boy - Bronski Beat
Lady Bird - Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood
The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
Red Riding Hood & Yer a Job - The Grupps
Mister - Dresden Dolls
Marie u Marilyn - Damien Saez
Gas Chamber - L7, Serial Mom Soundtrack
What Choo Waitin For - Gwen Stefani, L.A.M.B.
Wanted Man - Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash at San Quentin
Cabaret - Liza Minelli, Cabaret
Take It Away - Girl Skool
West Bay Fuck Off - Retching Red
Rock N Roll 85 - Betty Blowtorch, Last Call
Run Jack Run - Dresden Dolls
Been So Mad Lately - Butt Trumpet
1234 Rock N Roll - Girl Skool
Beat Me Senseless - Nashville Pussy
Lick It - God-Dess & She

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


FINALLY - go there to grab a podcast of the show
it's messy right now
it'll be shiny clean by Feb - but at least you can get the music

aunty cindy