Sunday, January 21, 2007

***** January 21, 2007 *****

Featuring: Meliza Banales

I'm Gonna Be A Slut, Pansy Division
Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head, Kylie Minoque / New Order Mashup
Showboat, Von Iva

Interview with Meliza Banales

Lullaby, Blatz
Homemade Speed, Blatz
Fucked Up Baby, DOA

Untitled Poem, Meliza Banales
Cultural Conversation with Meliza Banales

Daredevil Delivery, Tribe 8
Drop Dead, Lunachicks
Yer Mangled Heart, The Gossip

Do the Math, Meliza Banales
Japanimation, Dirtbox
Gone, Venus de Mars and All the Pretty Horses
Dick for Brains, MDC
Straight Edge, Minor Threat



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