Sunday, November 19, 2006

*****11/19/2006 UNKA LYNNEE & AUNTY CINDY SHOW*****

God-Dess: Lick It
Dresden Dolls: My Alcoholic Friends
Dresden Dolls: Stand By Your Man
Wendy O Williams & Motorhead: Stand By Your Man
Circus Contraption: Hoochie Coochie Girls
Suzy Quattro: I Wanna Be Your Man
Tulip Sweet: Bad Boys
G-Swing: Mood Indigo
The Smiths: Shoplifters of the World Unite
Jack Off Jill: Ugly Girl
Jayne County: Little Doll Down on the Street
Two Ton Boa: Bad Seed
Johnny Cash: Cocaine Blues
Johnny Cash: I Got Stripes
Queen Adreena: Jolene
Gossip: Heartbeats
PJ Harvey: Wang Dang Doodle
Saul Williams: Reparations
Skunk Anansie: Intellectualize My Blackness
Lil' Kim: How Many Licks
Lisa Jackson: Beautiful Freak
Lynnee Breedlove: Hag Song
Madonna: Dress You Up
MDC: Ballad of GW
Le Tigre: Don't Drink Poison
Tulip Sweet: Parents Lullabye


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