Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey Kids
How you doing? It's been almost a whole year since the last Unka Lynnee and Aunty Cindy show and gosh we've missed you. It's been KEE-RAZY over in our world though. Back in February of Ought Seven, the year that is soon to no longer be, Unka Lynnee ran off to Gay Paree and a grand year of globetrotting, touring, performing, taking over the world and ostensibly stocking up new material for shim's next book. Aunty Cindy meanwhile has mostly stayed put in San Francisco. She gots some poims published in There Journal, did a crapton of benefits, wrote a couple of stories that people put into ink (check out the books It's So You and Can I Sit With You) and kept on hosting the Queer Open Mic and curating shows for the National Queer Arts Festival.

While the future of the Unka Lynnee and Aunty Cindy Show cannot be seen - you can always relive the glory days by checking out the archived shows over at

You rock!
We miss you.
Aunty Cindy