Sunday, November 26, 2006


with special guests Katastrophe & Michelle Tea

Less Teeth, More Tits, Lunachicks: Luxury Problem
Lick It, God Des
Enough Man, Katastrophe: Lets Fuck Then Talk About My Problems
And you belong, Amy Fantastic: Don't Bite Your Sister
Dead Wrong, Scream Club (featuring Katastrophe & Mirah)
interview with Katastrophe
Founding Fathers, MDC
Everytime, Katastrophe
Till It's Gone, Katastrophe
Bling Revolutionary, Hanifah Walida: Blue State Compilation
Reading by Michelle Tea
Jolene, Queen Adreena
Underachievers, Katastrophe: Lets Fuck Then Talk About My Problems (featuring Michelle Tea)
Halfway Happy, Katastrophe
Transition, Beastie Boys: Ill Communication
Sad Arse Stripper, Lady Sovereign
Knuckle Sandwich, Lynnee Breedlove
Some People, Katastrophe
Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head, New Order / Kylie Mash Up
Hombre, MIA
Breasticles, Lynnee Breedpal

Saturday, November 25, 2006

*****11/24/2006 - UNKA LYNNEE & THE FRENCHY*****

Unka Lynnee brought the fabulous French Stephanie into the studio for an impromptu cultural mashup on Friday night 11/24 from 8 -10pm

crazy god des

heartbeats the gossip

he knows i'd love to see him Morrissey bona drag

mon cowboy edgar de l'est

walk the line johnny cash

marie ou marilyn saez

baby i'm drunk reverend horton heat space heater

too drunk to fuck nouvelle vague

cherry bomb the runaways

dont fuck with my babies scream club featuring ruby valentine don’t bite your sister

mia stone fox burnt

tattoo my name on your ass tulip sweet and her trail of tears touched

pamela peacemaker les elles

schoen von hinten

les amants de paris edith piaff

cemetery gates smiths the queen is dead

do you take it? the wet spots ribbed for pleasure

fuk shit up blatz a touch of blatz

bitte geh nicht fort marlene dietrich

mon couer mon amour anais

tough guy beastie boys license to ill

girls beastie boys “ “

jerkin off, porn chapelle

love insurance daisy chain daisy chain

surfer girl USA dead betties summer fo ‘93

japanimation dirtbox girls love dirtbox

je suis bonne deborah degouts

Sunday, November 19, 2006

*****11/19/2006 UNKA LYNNEE & AUNTY CINDY SHOW*****

God-Dess: Lick It
Dresden Dolls: My Alcoholic Friends
Dresden Dolls: Stand By Your Man
Wendy O Williams & Motorhead: Stand By Your Man
Circus Contraption: Hoochie Coochie Girls
Suzy Quattro: I Wanna Be Your Man
Tulip Sweet: Bad Boys
G-Swing: Mood Indigo
The Smiths: Shoplifters of the World Unite
Jack Off Jill: Ugly Girl
Jayne County: Little Doll Down on the Street
Two Ton Boa: Bad Seed
Johnny Cash: Cocaine Blues
Johnny Cash: I Got Stripes
Queen Adreena: Jolene
Gossip: Heartbeats
PJ Harvey: Wang Dang Doodle
Saul Williams: Reparations
Skunk Anansie: Intellectualize My Blackness
Lil' Kim: How Many Licks
Lisa Jackson: Beautiful Freak
Lynnee Breedlove: Hag Song
Madonna: Dress You Up
MDC: Ballad of GW
Le Tigre: Don't Drink Poison
Tulip Sweet: Parents Lullabye

Monday, November 13, 2006

The Unka Lynnee & Aunty Cindy Show!
Returning to the airwaves this coming Sunday from 8 - 10pm (PST) and online at
(direct streaming link here:

Listen up and hear what the heck has been going on in those last six months that we've been off the air.

Your favorite queerbot weirdo radio show with Lynnee Breelove and Cindy Emch is back, playing:

Old skool nu skool i didnt go to skool. we play queer, chick, trans and garden variety tunes… punk rock, musicals, chick cock rock, math rock, gay vaudevillian shit from the twenties and weird pop culture archival shit that we find laying around san clamsdisco. in between folks can call up with questions about gender, trans identity, body modification, hormones, feminism, dating,femmes, butches, and general queer bot issues. ROCK ON WIT YER SOX ON.

xoxAunty Cindy

photo credit: Lynnly Labovitz (